The Iron Giant (1999)


Directed by Brad Bird

Written by Tim McCanlies (based on the novel by Ted Hughes)

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick Jr., Vin Diesel, Eli Marienthal

Tagline: It Came From outer Space!

Trivia: Pete Townshend produced the film and even made an album based on the novel by Ted Hughes.

Retro is the word for The Iron Giant.  In terms of animation style and theme, the story harkens back to 1950s Sci-Fi. The Cold War milieu is wonderfully recreated. Young Hogarth Hughes discovers an Iron Giant from another planet and they become close companions, reminiscent of E.T. Once the government finds out, an obsessed government scientist leads a pursuit to capture the robot for research purposes.  Fans of 1950s Science Fiction will appreciate the references to War of the Worlds and The Day the Earth Stood Still.  The Iron Giant is also a sly commentary on Cold War paranoia intended for a young audience. All the characters are likable and it’s a splendid introduction to a fascinating time in American history.


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